About Norvis

Arbeidsbord full av ingredienser og Norvis-produkter

Kirsti i arbeid med produksjon av Norvis-produkter

Norvis products are made on the basis of my experiences through a long and active outdoor life where the arenas have been forests, high mountains, glaciers and seas. If you’re in such areas, you’ll enjoy Norvis’ creams and ointments. Are you bothered by sensitive skin or have children that you want to protect extra well, Norvis is also a good choice. The products do not contain any parabens or other synthetic ingredients. Solar products provide natural protection via a physical filter based on the mineral titanium. The carbon filter protects against UVA and UVB rays and does not deteriorate over time, such as creams with chemical filters. Both the solstice (lotion) and the sun, weather and wind (ointment) is delivered in factor 12 and 20. I use oils from wild or ecologically grown plants. Norvis lets your skin breathe, which is important when you are in activity. Creams that contain petroleum or paraffin oil will lie as a layer outside the skin and prevents excess heat to evaporate. The salves contain NO water and are therefore not added to any form of preservation. The creams contain water and are therefore conserved with sodium benzoate or benzyl alcohol. No Norvis products or raw materials have been tested on animals! I make all the products in small series, so they are always fresh. Norvis is organic products!

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