Liv Arnesen

“I have used the Norwegian salt salvage since 1994. I use it in the Arctic, Antarctica, Himalayas, Norwegian mountains and on cold days in the field. Eventually I have also become familiar with the other creams, and because everyone of the Norvis products are made with natural ingredients, they pull into the skin instead of lying outside. This is especially important for Kuldesalven. Recommended!”


Marit Nore

Kites, instructor, journalist and top tourist enthusiast.

Marit runs the kit camps to Lapoint all over the world, from the mountains on Haukeliseter to the tropics of Zanzibar.

“I am a lot in the mountains, sun, wind and hard weather. It feels right to protect the skin with organic products made from natural ingredients. My favorites are Weather and Wind, Ettersol, Kuldekrem and Leppepomade. “

Monica Hundseid

I am a 22-year-old budeie from a vestlandsgard in beautiful veins Vikedal. Here I have been worshiping the outdoor interests to the degrees that it is this I want to live toe in my life. When one drive with it gives happiness to life, the universe will help with the rest of the lives of life. That’s why I decided to live off the road. It makes me crazy of happiness!

“I have tested your products in Alaska under cold blue for many hours on the dog sledge, it has been a pleasure to pack these products on a trip”

Team Lindahl and Team Loftsgård

Dog driver Ola Brennodden Sunde and his dogs drove in to a solid 4th place in this year’s Finnmarksløp (2017).

“Potestell in the training season before the races are most important!” We regularly brush our dogs on our dogs. “NORVIS potato ointment prevents drying and cracking.” With strong fine paws before the race, dogs can walk a few stages without socks. It is especially important when using dog socks Limiting venting / sweating. ”

Team Lindahl and Team Loftsgård

Middle and long distance hunters in dog racing
“The salves from Norvis are always in place in the pocket! Potesalven is used to prevent cracking, dry and sore paws in our dogs. Cold salmon, Sun, Weather & Wind and Blokk are in place in Kinna, whichever weather we are in. We like the salves well because they really work! ”
Will on behalf of Team Loftsgård thank you for the super pot salmon that was used under Finnmarkløpet 500, where Terje Erik Loftsgård drove into an 8th place and the “rookie of the year”. Next year, it will be even more!

Ida Sollie

Dog trainer and outdoor enthusiast

I am a 87 model from western Norway that has a strong attraction to nature and outdoor life. I have a great need to master and therefore I have come across many different ways of outdoor activities. I have had a year in Lofoten where I only climbed and was skiing. I have been to several climbing holidays at home and abroad. I have been kidding and participated in the World Championships in the long distance in 2013. I have been skiing a lot, both on cross country and randonne and the latter resulted in a book in 2014 (Top Tours in South West Norway). In recent years I have been very hunting with my dogs, which I also compete with. What is always central is the pleasure of being out, getting a little tougher, a little bit better each time. The dogs create another dimension in outdoor life and they are also the main reason I came into contact with Norvis.
“My dogs have worn dry and sprinkled potholes, and Norvis simply has the very best potato alve!

I have also been fortunate to have tested more products and personally I have been very fond of lipstick, sun, weather and wind and the cold salmon. Wonderful products! ”